Elena, studied from childhood to third year high school at colegio San Agustin, completing the last course of Access to the university at Ramon Llull institute in Palma de Mallorca, later after completing the academic program, she graduated in Law from the University of the Balearic Islands, combining the last course of the law degree with labor internship in a recognized legal firm in Palma.

After graduation and with the idea of improving her knowledge of the German language, she moved to Munster, where she spent a year on an internship in a prestigious Local law firm. Upon her return and after legal internship period she completed a master’s degree in Business law at Centro de Formación Garrigues in Madrid. Finally coming back to Palma in 2002 to start working for a prestigious law firm, where after three years of hard work, she left to create her own law firm which in 2008 merged with 75 Abogados & Economistas To date.

During her professional career she has continued her constant training, carrying out many specialization courses , among which stands out those carried on bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Commercial Law, Urban leasehold and procedural Law.