75 ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS is an economist and law firm based in Palma de Mallorca, formed by the attorneys at law Elena Cavanes, Juan Enriquez de Navarra And Juanjo Lladó, to which the lawyers Inma Serra and Noreta Sastre as well as the economist and tax expert Maria Lang joined to complete the team.

“If the science of law were reduced to general principles, it would be learned immediately``

Ramón Llull

Our formula

The office working methodology focuses on giving a special emphasis to direct, continuous, and personal contact with the client, so that they are informed thorough the whole processing stage of their files, and always and above all seeking the best results for their interest.

The high level of training and the professionalism and self demand of the members of the firm are the best guarantee for those who have their trust on 75 ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS.

Global Advisers

Since its foundation, the firm has been characterized by offering high quality advice both judicial and extra judicial fields, based on the principle of honesty, and considering their clients as a priority and primary piece.


Calle Josep Tous i Ferrer, nº 12, 1º A 07002 Palma Illes Balears