Noreta began her studies at the a Luis Vives School, finishing them at the Ramon Llull institute where she trained in an enriching cultural environment.

After high school studies at the institute, she studied law at the Universidad de Navarra where she graduated in 1994.

After finishing university, she toke ICAIB legal practices course and carried out her internship at Ribas & Camps law firm.

Since her association as a lawyer in 1995, she has practiced as a lawyer in her own professional office, initially with her father, professor Marcos Sastre and later surrounded by a an excellent group of professionals. She is bilingual in Spanish and Catalan and has a extensive knowledge of English.

She has continued her training through all this years of legal practice on civil Law and administrative Law, focusing on family law, Urban leases, contracts, deed processing, inheritance Law, easements and Real Rights, traffic accidents, patrimonial responsibility, minors, incapacitations and legal Guardianships. She is also a civil and commercial mediator.

Noreta is passionate about arts and nature, family and friends.